Welcome to the Wiki!

The Adventure Log is now active, and XP will be awarded for public additions of notes. The amount will depend on the amount logged and the level of integration into the game. 50-500 points per entry are available. If an entry is from an OOC point of view, please add (OOC) at the end of the title.

The Wiki now has many entries fully fleshed out, and many more staked out for filling. If there is a reference you feel qualified to enter or modify, feel free. To add a new entry, add the title to the appropriate section of the main page, surrounded by double brackets. Please note the Tags listed to the right of most pages, and tag new entries accordingly. XP may be awarded for entries that add to the story. You are encouraged to add references for people, places, and things referenced in your character’s backstory.

The Characters pages are now up for all PCs. Please enter your information as soon as possible, and remember to keep your stats up to date in case of lost character sheets.

You can leave comments about this Wiki or the game in general in the Comments tab. At the moment, we do not have a Forum. There are no maps uploaded at the moment; I will probably add the galactic map at some point, if I can find one in sufficient detail that is free to use.

Star Wars; Into The Black