Star Wars; Into The Black

Chaos of the heart and mind.

In violence we forget who we are.

The darkness of space…

Is nothing like the darkness within me. Now it is time that I faced myself and the demons that lie within the darkness. The fires of my personal hell burn me deeply, I hope for someone to calm the flames inside.

The depth of space…

Is nothing like the depth I fell down when I went to sleep. The deeper I fell within myself the darker I became. Struggling to keep afloat in sorrow of lost innocence, I am drowned in my fears of the unknown and reached out for a hand to pull me out.

The cold of space…

Is nothing like the cold of my heart. As the bitter cold of my soul embraces me l my senses go numb. Alone with your true self is truly frightening. I am lost and afraid of what will come next. Alone I search for a new path and someone to guide me.

The touch of another…

In all my time alone, I longed for a companion. I desired someone to share this empty universe with. Now I am not alone, now I am terrified of what I might become. It is said “be careful what you wish for”, how true that really is. Now that I have someone that I care about I have found that this ancient wanderer is not who I thought he was. But in my darkest hour she came again as a light. My mind is clouded then she comes like a wind to clear it.
But wait, in my dream I am not alone, she is really here. She knows everything I said. She knows what I did during the fight. She knows how I feel yet she is still there for me. She asked me one very important question. Is it truly her or just what she is?

Does she really want the truth?



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