Star Wars; Into The Black

The Perils of giving flowers.

It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.

So yeah I decided I would give flowers to Vella. I told myself, over and over, it was to say thank you for all that she has and still was doing for my but… yes there was a bit more behind it then that. After I picked them up I thought she would see them but somehow I was able to keep them hidden, thank the link.<p.>When I got them back to the ship I asked the new computer/Robot for help but at the point it did not understand me at all. I went looking for something to put the flowers in so I could give to Vella. After a bit of time working with my robot and seeing Vella’s mood getting worse I wanted to see her smile so I thought that time was now. But of course everyone on the ship was looking at me when I gave then to Vella.<p.>Now in all my time alone on the Leviathan I read a lot of my people’s book and thought that I might have a clue what might happen but of course I didn’t. Yes she took them but the look on her face left me wondering what she was thinking. Did I do something bad? I guess it was somewhat okay because she put them in a… thing on the ship?<p.>Why do I let myself do anything? I don’t know anything about her or what people do. The next planet I go it I’m staying put. I will never try and get her flowers again… well let’s not say never.<p.>Chapman.



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