Nadya Tamair

Young Force-User on a quest to expand her knowledge about the Universe.


Daughter of a male Zeltron and a female Vahla, Nadya Tamair started showing signs of force ability before leaving the womb as a bright force fed fire erupted around her during the attack on the space station that took her mother’s life. Nadya has been moved around and traveled many times over her life and is keen on learning everything she can, including from her friend Shai who while is unnerving to most brings a sense of clam to Nadya’s flamboyant lifestyle. With the brief, but knowledgeable and harsh training from our Taung Comrade, Nadya has finally found her niche and is beging her journey down the Mandalorian path.

Nadya Tamair has and ash-white color to her hair and a deep ember red hue to her skin. She is beautiful in on her own, but the enhancements made by her friend Shai only show off her beauty even more so. Nadya is usually found wearing extremely colorful and provocative clothing and tends to have the most advanced on the market technology strapped to her at all times.


Year 0: The Galapago a deep space mining ship and facility is inadvertently attacked by a pirate group working the area. The pirates, normally not as bold, have become aware of some illegal cargo going in and out of the mining facility on the asteroid and have been making reoccurring attacks in an attempt to acquire the goods.

The equipment is actually a pickup for an assassin group getting ready to make an attempt on a nearby diplomat who has been threatening to enforce laws that will reduce the shipping lanes in the area, making it harder for independent groups to get through without proper codes. Information was “leaked out” to the authorities and eventually making it to the Jedi in the area. The Jedi were then instructed by the council to investigate and put a stop to the plans for assassination. Once the Jedi arrived on the asteroid and begin dealing with the pirates attacking the facilities, they find that the entire ordeal is a ruse to lure them there as large explosions rock the entire compound they were staying and killing hundreds including the pirates causing problems. Due to the timing of the incident, all evidence points towards the Jedi destroying the goods as a cover-up for the assassination attempts. It is believed that they were not careful in their attempt and accidently destroyed more than what they originally intended.

Adriav Tamair and his pregnant wife Dani were unsuspecting victims of the incident as when the explosions occurred, an unstable wall that had been set on fire fell on top of Dani killing her almost instantly. Adriav attempted to search for his wife before making his way to an escape ship. Moving through burning corridors and rooms, he eventually found her and was astounded at the sight of his beautiful newborn daughter lying next to his wife’s body alive and unhurt.

Year 1-6: Traveling through the systems Adriav and his daughter Nadya search for a new home and work for a mining engineer. It is at this time that Nadya begins showing signs of increased awareness and physical prowess. Afraid that Nadya might become too similar to the Jedi that “attacked” the facility years earlier, he begins searching for other alternatives for the kind of training she would need for her special talents. Hearing stories of groups of women on a planet called Dathomir who practice magic and have a society all their own, Adriav decides to investigate in the hopes they can teach his daughter the things she needs and provide her with more support than he can give. Reluctantly, Adriav hands his daughter Nadya to the witches and departs.

Year 7-15: Nadya battles her inner feelings, struggling to learn how to focus her powers, but finds she is unable to completely perform the magic that resides in her. She begins to falter in her classes, yet seems to keep a good repute with her teachers and fellow students. It is not until on her 15th birthday that while sleeping she begins having dreams of a jungle planet in another system and feeling pain from something there only to wake up pulsating with a fiery energy. Scared to see anyone until the aura finally subsides she hides. Eventually able to move again without hurting anyone she begins expressing her worries to her teachers, she is advised to search out this planet, as it might bring about the key to unlock her latent abilities. She is also told that when she is ready, she may return and find a place on Dathomir to live in peace. It was at this moment that a ship landed right outside where she was staying and with a sense of warmth radiating from it, she stepped outside to find her father returning to the daughter he once left behind. With goodbyes and promises of return, Nadya leaves with her father to search out her destiny.

Year16: After many months of searching Nadya and her father find the planet from her visions. It turns out that the planet was a barren waist land a few weeks earlier and accounts for the trouble in its finding. Upon landing feelings of pain are felt all throughout Nadya’s body and the two are unable to move until she recovers. Days of exploring are soon endeared as each are struggling through the lush forests around them searching for that which is causing Nadya’s pain. During this time a sense of cold and emptiness is felt, growing more pronounced the farther they move, until a small village is found over a bend in complete shambles. Bodies are found thrown about, twisted and broken from strange spiky protrusions under their skin, all appearing to have been dead for some time.

After searching through the village, a small Yuuzahn Vong is found not much younger than Nadya. Though her broken basic, they find that her name is Shai Ma’ Lah and the cause of deaths are from a strange seed that is infecting everyone it touches. The seed it seams is what caused all the rapid growth of plant life, but had some kind of side-effect. The seed caused horrible mutations to certain individuals, causing them to sport bony protrusions all over their bodies causing immense pain in the rare few, and death in others. After many days of burying the dead Nadya and her father begin talking with Shai about leaving and traveling with them. Shai refuses, stating that because of her races’ reputation her place is with the planet.

The day falters into the night and as the last vestiges of daylight are seen large reptilian beast proceeds to rampage until finally attacking Shai. Nadya kills the beast with her father’s gun at the last second before it could seriously hurt Shai (first time she has killed anything). Shai amazed that they saved her and decides to follow along with Nadya after all in an act of friendship. While attempting to leave, Nadya begins feeling a strange presence on a planet full of emptiness. Before heading back to the ship, Nadya finds a cave with many feelings of the force residing within. Nadya and the others are almost immediately attacked by additional Yuuzahn Vong, but not before Nadya sees a ghostly presence in front of her speaking her name.

Treated hostilely even with Shai, the three are taken off planet to a huge ship that seemed to be alive. There they are tortured and beaten in an attempt to gain insight on the recent happenings on the planet below. After many days of intense pleading on Shai’s part, her elders give in to her pleas and release Nadya and Adriav. Shai explains what happened below with the attack on her village and how Nadya saved her despite harsh prejudice from the rest of the galaxy. Nadya promises to help Shai find out more and gains the blessings of her elders and she is ordered to take care of Nadya and her family. The three are then healed of their wounds and allowed to leave back to the planet and their ship.

Year 18-21: Nadya travels to her new home on a moon in the ****system with Shai behind her. There she learns that her father has struck it rich and is inducted into a life of luxury. She begins working for her father learning the mining trade while studying the strange traditions of Shai’s race and the concepts of treating injuries as a medic.

Year 22-23: Waking up from a cold sweat, Nadya erupts into fiery energy aura once again and begins having visions; seeing another planet full of elemental energies. Nadya immediately leaves after informing her father who is saddened by the news, but understands. He sends her and Shai off in the best ship he has available along with any credits she might need while she is gone. Arriving at Kro Var was not an easy task, as fighting had erupted around the area and a new landing port was needed. Upon arriving at the new point, three people came out greeting Nadya, calling her “Fire one” and stating that they were waiting for her arrival for quite some time. Nadya begins her training almost immediately. The ways of Nadya’s inner abilities are finally becoming to fruition when a disturbing message comes through from her father. He is being held hostage as his captors wait for secret information over recent spatial anomalies in the area to be handed over and a substantial amount of credits.

Nadya Tamair

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