Star Wars; Into The Black

Chaos of the heart and mind.
In violence we forget who we are.

The darkness of space…

Is nothing like the darkness within me. Now it is time that I faced myself and the demons that lie within the darkness. The fires of my personal hell burn me deeply, I hope for someone to calm the flames inside.

The depth of space…

Is nothing like the depth I fell down when I went to sleep. The deeper I fell within myself the darker I became. Struggling to keep afloat in sorrow of lost innocence, I am drowned in my fears of the unknown and reached out for a hand to pull me out.

The cold of space…

Is nothing like the cold of my heart. As the bitter cold of my soul embraces me l my senses go numb. Alone with your true self is truly frightening. I am lost and afraid of what will come next. Alone I search for a new path and someone to guide me.

The touch of another…

In all my time alone, I longed for a companion. I desired someone to share this empty universe with. Now I am not alone, now I am terrified of what I might become. It is said “be careful what you wish for”, how true that really is. Now that I have someone that I care about I have found that this ancient wanderer is not who I thought he was. But in my darkest hour she came again as a light. My mind is clouded then she comes like a wind to clear it.
But wait, in my dream I am not alone, she is really here. She knows everything I said. She knows what I did during the fight. She knows how I feel yet she is still there for me. She asked me one very important question. Is it truly her or just what she is?

Does she really want the truth?

Hell is empty and all the devils are here.
The greatest griefs are those we cause ourselves.

No I must remember that they attacked us and we were defending ourselves, me in the only way I know how. The rest of the crew was deep into a fight for all of our lives and I did everything I could. Maybe I went past the limit but… Well Vella was… Sigh… What do I do now?<p.>Sleep… Alone… And wait for the nightmares to come.<p.>Chapman

Somehow our devils are never quite what we expect when we meet them face to face.
Judge of a man by his questions rather than by his answers.

Now that I look back on everything I did, I remember there were two cells in their brig that were locked. Were there people in them? Why else would they be locked? They never unlocked them before the ship exploded. Did I just kill two people that had nothing to do with the fight? They could have been anyone, from crew that had done something wrong to someone captured like they tried to do with us… there could have been kids in there. What have I done?


Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind.
In violence we forget who we are.

So maybe I’m not a tool, at least not the right one. What I think was needed was the knife of a surgeon instead they got a massive Sledgehammer. So okay at first I tried to be that exact delicate blade to slice into the ships system. I started by getting the computer to like me and to increase my access level until I got to captain level. It was at that time I first got to know of my adversary, the real captain. And still at this point I was still a blade but becoming a sword. It was a duel with me on one side and the captain and the computer on the other, and they were ready for me. Well, they were ready for someone to attack the systems but they were far from ready for me. I think when the captain saw what he was faced with he was at a loss of what to do.

I am sure that for most other ships they do this to, the force they had in the hangar was more than enough, and I could tell they had more to put into the fight given time to do so. I have no doubt that if the captain had sent more into the fight we might have lost some of our numbers, but he didn’t. I am not sure why 100%, but I bet the role I played has something to do with it. He was ready for all the firefight we could hurl his way, but not an attack from within.

I am sure that if Vella was able to withstand the assault I would have kept my edge and dueled with him for a long time. But then I saw Vella fall and my heart fell with her. My keen edge was reshaped into a blunt object of mass destruction. I wanted to destroy everything with this ship and all of the crew onboard. I didn’t want to just get away I wanted them to never ever hurt Vella AGAIN!!! I am not ashamed of what I became in some part because I was going to destroy, no, that is not a strong enough word, obliterate, annihilate or devastate would be better. I wanted to wipe out I wanted extinguish them, I wanted to… Oh the Link what have I done…


The Shortest Path from Point A to Point B is...

{Nadya} So we have decided to try and find the secret route to Roon, the problem is what is causing all of the other ships to disappear? I have been searching old data files and have come across some information about three ships who were trying to find the route as well. It appears that two of the ships disappeared completely and the third, well at least one of its crew was found dead on Roon later. I decided to try and coordinate the paths each ship was taken, but unfortunately, I cant find any of the information. Plus, I think the others are not to appreciative of the things I have been trying to find out for them. They are a bit preoccupied with trying to teach our new crew member our language using a droid we just picked up. I guess I will go and try and help, no use sitting around moping all the time.

Now Where did She Run Off To?

{Nadya} It took me a bit to find her, but Shai was in the Sekar Vong district when I finally ran into her. It is really a huge difference in the types of districts and how the change is immediately apparent. I wish people would get over the hardships of what happened some 400 years ago. It appears that Shai came in to report on her experiences and reduce the amount of blobs she had created. Now that I have rendezvoused with her I can only appreciate what she has done for me in our times together and it seems that others are quite aware of the fact as well. This shaper Kasahim; I believe he is a second level shaper, immediately recognized me and with a bit of coaching from Shai I have now began a trek in the field of shaping. I was even offered a piece of Shai’s massive blob to start. I hope that I can live up to her expectations.

Descent of man
The idea is to die young as late as possible.

What do they expect from me from the upcoming fight? I have never held a weapon before in my life. I see all of them preparing for the battle. Derek looks like he is about to be in his element while Nadya and Ace look ready for whatever. I on the other hand have no clue what is about to happen. I have this electric club thing and my spacesuit. Crap I’m going to die. Well at lest I have something to fight for.<p.>Chapman

The right tool for the job.
Wait, am I the tool?

Finally I am some use, well at least to some. With my use of the link and the probe I can help with the looking for this route they are looking for. It’s great to be some use. Ace is now calling my name over and over for information. I am even becoming more comfortable with Nadya, we are now working together instead of… well…<p.>I can help the others in the back of the ship but still don’t know how I can help the one on the cockpit.<p.>Chapman

The Perils of giving flowers.
It is at the edge of a petal that love waits.

So yeah I decided I would give flowers to Vella. I told myself, over and over, it was to say thank you for all that she has and still was doing for my but… yes there was a bit more behind it then that. After I picked them up I thought she would see them but somehow I was able to keep them hidden, thank the link.<p.>When I got them back to the ship I asked the new computer/Robot for help but at the point it did not understand me at all. I went looking for something to put the flowers in so I could give to Vella. After a bit of time working with my robot and seeing Vella’s mood getting worse I wanted to see her smile so I thought that time was now. But of course everyone on the ship was looking at me when I gave then to Vella.<p.>Now in all my time alone on the Leviathan I read a lot of my people’s book and thought that I might have a clue what might happen but of course I didn’t. Yes she took them but the look on her face left me wondering what she was thinking. Did I do something bad? I guess it was somewhat okay because she put them in a… thing on the ship?<p.>Why do I let myself do anything? I don’t know anything about her or what people do. The next planet I go it I’m staying put. I will never try and get her flowers again… well let’s not say never.<p.>Chapman.

The Perils of Exploration
Some paths are best left unknown...

Retro: Derrick had purchased some battery packs during the wait before the meal. After the meal, Dr. Su finalizes her business at the museum without incident. Derrick accompanies her to the museum, then to the bank, then to the berth the Velias Dart is marked.

Nadya heads out to meet up with Shai. She goes to the Sekotar Vong enclave attached to the port, but has difficulty remembering the symbols used to mark buildings, so she calls Shai to confirm. She enters and finds Shai speaking to Shaper Kaza Ying. Kaza Ying gives her a section of Shai’s overgrown critters to use as her first shaping project, and shaping tools to use when she reaches the appropriate level of complexity. Shai and Nadya then take their leave. Shai keeps four starter blobs.

Ace goes bargain hunting, with some success. He buys two necklaces with real precious metals and stones from Odds and Ends. He finds a former floor model datapad which has PermaMark grafitti all over the case, and has therefore been marked down even from Floor Model price. Original price 800 creds, halved twice for being a floor model and grafitti-covered.

Vella lingers over the meal, then goes info hunting.

Ace returns to the berth and finds Shai and Nadya playing with the blobs. Ace mentions the datapad, and Nadya offers to check it out for him. She trades him her blob for his datapad, and the blob tries to escape. He feeds it some ration chunks, and it decides he is its best friend. Nadya rather nervously asks him not to feed it too much. Nadya decides to modify a chunk of her blob to exude GooGone to clean up the datapad.

Upon re-boarding, Ace settles into a seat to explore the Datapad, Nadya decides to use the treadmill, and discovers that the blob can sit near her feet without moving, despite the treadmill effect. Dr. Su recovers the SomnAbsorb and begins working on waking learning. Chapman tries to communicate to his Droid that he wants a drinking container. It seems to want to help but lack capability; Vella notices his frustrated expression and tries to let him know that the droid needs more programming before it can help. He nods and goes to find his own glass, in a green-marked crate containing dishes and eating implements. Vella then starts feeding droids the chips, and hands it off to Chapman to finish after loading the second chip.

Nadya asks about the current plan, and Vella replies that the Roon Route Bounty has not yet been claimed. Vella seems unfazed by this, but Nadya decides to check it out. She discovers that three other crews have declared intent to claim the bounty. Two have disappeared, and one solo pilot was found dead on Roon several days after his declaration. It is unknown how many have attempted the bounty without stating intent.

Chapman goes over to the annoyed Vella (she is impatiently waiting for Kir to return) and offers her the flowers he snatched during the last portion of their trip. She had not noticed him grabbing them, and has mixed feelings about the offering- it is sweet, and warms her heart, but… yeah. She thanks him, and goes back to what she was doing, a bit distracted and wishing Kir would return so she could retreat to her pilot’s area.

Nadya attempts to go over to Chapman, but he notices and avoids her like the plague, and then Kir finally returns, with a new messenger bag full of data on chips and durasheet. Vella closes the ramp so fast that he stumbles, and immediately heads to her Pilot’s area. Kir looks around, a bit dazed, and asks where the flowers came from, getting a reply of “Don’t Ask” from Ace and Derrick.

Kir dumps about twenty chips into Chapman’s DataDroid via a connection to his datapad, then settles in the corner to work on the mass of data represented by the chips and other media in his new messenger bag.

Chapman begins attempting to interact with his DataDroid, which is now attempting to elicit input from him. Nadya and Ace get involved in translating when the droid requests specific input. After approximately two hours, the droid has a basic translation structure in place, with a somewhat sketchy vocabulary (it only knows one sense of each word, and is heavy on nouns and words used with basic nouns.

The DD then starts working on teaching Chapman some basic Intro vocabulary.

Nadya asks Vella to come out and announces her findings that of the other declared Bounty Chasers, two have disappeared, and one was found dead on Roon. The two that disappeared were last seen on Lahsbane and Molavar, the one that was found dead was last seen departing from Kowak. The two who disappeared had two different kinds of conventional ship, the one who was found dead was a Liirosi. Vella is not impressed, as she hears “people are disappearing on a dangerous exploration run”, and tells Nadya to let her know if she has anything specific to offer.

Chapman is determined to be helpful, and goes around to various people asking how he can help. He ends up working his way through upgrading sensors- first the sensor helmet, then Derrick’s helmet, then finally an ISA First-Contact probe, which he boosts from intra-system distances to inter-stellar distances.

Ace looks up the legends surrounding the old trade route, and learns that the historians’ consensus is that Roon simply decided not to trade with outsiders, and the trade route died off due to non-use. Nadya is trying to figure out which planet is likely to be the correct connection point, but the data is not conclusive.

Chapman drags the probe into the main room, and continues to scan until they reach the edge of the debris field. Vella routes around the field towards Hypori, and offers to stop if anyone wishes to. Remembering their previous visit, the party declines. She then routes in, stops on Roon for food and air, then heads out to resume the search for the key first waypoint. As she gridded off the portion of the inner wall of debris that she felt was most likely to hold the waypoint, she encountered a large ship (appearance: scaled up so that it is large enough to engulf the Velias Dart) that is originally stationary. When Vella adjusts her vector to avoid, the other ship adjusts to stay on an intercept vector, and after several minutes, corners her into allowing it close enough to get a tractor fix on the Velias Dart.

Everyone suits up, Chapman is given Dr. Su’s stun baton for self-defense, and a plan is developed to have Vella shift the Velias Dart into her best defensive configuration, a land craft that provides firing ports and visibility as well as cover.

150 XP awarded


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