A DataDroid is a hybrid between a standard datapad and a droid. DataDroids are intended to be used in much the same way as a standard datapad, but thanks to posessing a droid brain rather than a simple computer processor, are capable of a much wider range of processing functions. The term DataDroid is actually a trademark of the Roche Hive, and applies only to their original line of these droids, but the idea caught on quickly with independent droid-builders, who tend to apply the term to their homebuilt knockoffs. There are currently no major competitors in this segment of the droid market, and Roche is enjoying gradual expansion of its market share as a result.

DataDroids were originally marketed to high-end users as an upgrade to a conventional datapad for those who did not quite need a full-fledged protocol or secretary droid. They have become popular with users who need a droid’s assistance with data and communications tasks, but do not need extensive physical or realspace social capabilities.

Roche DataDroids usually have cheerful, curious personalities, and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Their basic personality matrix was designed to resemble a young Verpine, with parameters added to prevent the droid from giving suggestions and information from every source equal weight. These droids adapt themselves considerably to the personality of their owner, making a data wipe almost essential upon resale, but encouraging owners to put up with any quirks the droid may develop, in order to avoid having to re-adapt the droid. When new or recently wiped, the droid will identify itself by its fifteen-digit manufacturing number, but will readily accept other designations or names. Home-made droids of this type may have any personality, dependent on the skill and intent of their creators.

The main “body” module of a DataDroid resembles a large, bulky datapad with a screen taking up one entire side, with no buttons. The base module’s capabilities includes basi wireless communications, data access via an Scomp port and a chip input port on the back, sound reception and output in the range commonly used for communication by organic species, graphical output in a range of light spectra considered visible by most organic species, and the ability to accept input via appendage or stylus touch input to the screen. The default settings for the spectra and wavelengths used are set according to the intended market, and can be adjusted to the user’s preferences. (The spectra and wavelengths can be modified to ranges more comfortable to non-organic life forms by replacing the input-output modules, which does void the warranty if performed by non-authorized technicians.) It has three movement/manipulator slots on each of the longer sides, and four input/output/sensor slots on each of the shorter sides.

The standard input modules attached to the input/output ports resemble eyestalks, and allow the droid to perceive radiation from infrared to ultraviolet. Other modules that can use the input/output/sensor ports are sensors to pick up other wavelengths or frequencies, hologram output, high-volume sound output, light sources, and chip storage units.

The standard mobility modules attatched to the mobility/manipulator slots are spindly legs that can fold up along the sides for storage or carrying of the droid. The legs are set up to allow quadrupedal motion, and work in pairs in the manner of mammalian quadrupeds. They are mounted in the four slots closest to the corners of the main module, leaving the middle slots empty. Other modules that can use the mobility/manipulator slots are manipulator appendages of various types, heavier reptilian legs, allowing for greater stability or speed, insectoid legs, commonly using all six slots, for increased mobility or stability, very heavy biped-style legs, sacrificing stability for open slots for manipulators, weapons or shield modules to provide self-defense capability, and storage modules. Most alternative configurations reduce or remove the capability for the droid to fold up into an easily-carried datapad-like form.


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