Enos Seedship Probe

The Enos Seedship probe is a small, about twice the size of a man’s head, but for being 3 billion years old quite advanced. They were created for 2 reasons to be used by the Seedships for exploration and to seed the universe with life. The Enos Seedship was built with a factory that could build at a very rapid pace. The probes were small so they could be built fast and launched easily.

Each probe was sent out not fully complete to save materials and to be able to be constructed faster. After the probe would arrive at its destination it would first start repairing and damage is suffered during transit and then scan the area. The first step after scanning would be for the probe to self manufacture all components needed for it to explore and to seed.
Each probe was able to almost reproduce itself to complete its task. Each probe contained genetic samples and codes for it to seed life in whatever system is was in. The computes in the probe were some of the most adaptive made not being surpassed until droids. Though not self aware in the same was as a droid they are semi-sentient but only focused on their exploration and seeding missions.

Some of the Enos were worried what might happen if a problem occurred with a probe due its semi-sentience and its manufacturing capabilities. They hypothesized that it might become a life form on its own. Testing on this came up with no results but that did not help some from pointing out that with the amount of probes that would be sent out the chance for something going wrong would be near 100%.

The full extent of all of the probes results may never be known but as of now they seem have been extremely successful. Only time will tell.
Enos seedship probe

Enos Seedship Probe

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