Built by the Enos more than 3 billion years ago to explore the universe and to search for life. This massive ship was built long before faster-than-light travel was discovered. To complete its mission it was powered by an immense anti-matter drive with a nuclear backup system. The majority of the vessel was fuel for the accretion and deceleration. The small section in the front was for the small crew of 25. Its mission would talk the a little over 50 years there time but nearly 3 billion years for the rest of the universe.

For 3 billion years it was the largest and massive ship built until the empire came about. When it was fully loaded at the start of its mission it was the most massive ship until the Deathstar. It carried no weapons, even defensive ones. Within its structure it contained a factory to manufacture probes to send to the made galaxies it would explore. During its long trip it produced many billions of probes.

Part of its long mission was for it to “seed” the universe with life. Unbeknownst to the crew they succeeded far beyond their wildest dreams. Not only bringing life to their home galaxy but to many billion others. Unknown to the Enos onboard sometimes though their efforts whet terribly wrong.

Over the long journey many of the crew became tired of mission and left the ship to finish their lives on a planet. The leader of the mission Askr and his wife Embla and their son Chapman where the last to stay to finish the mission. Sadly though when Chapman was just 16 years old a collision happened that killed his parents and left him alone. For the next 15 years he was truly alone on the ship and as far as he knew the universe as well.

As the ship was decelerating for its return home it was discovered but a small group onboard the forceship created by Vella Talatheen. It is now on a region of space where no one would look and it’s huge data bank and is being kept in a undisclosed location.

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