Star Wars; Into The Black

Now Where did She Run Off To?

{Nadya} It took me a bit to find her, but Shai was in the Sekar Vong district when I finally ran into her. It is really a huge difference in the types of districts and how the change is immediately apparent. I wish people would get over the hardships of what happened some 400 years ago. It appears that Shai came in to report on her experiences and reduce the amount of blobs she had created. Now that I have rendezvoused with her I can only appreciate what she has done for me in our times together and it seems that others are quite aware of the fact as well. This shaper Kasahim; I believe he is a second level shaper, immediately recognized me and with a bit of coaching from Shai I have now began a trek in the field of shaping. I was even offered a piece of Shai’s massive blob to start. I hope that I can live up to her expectations.



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