Star Wars; Into The Black

The Shortest Path from Point A to Point B is...

{Nadya} So we have decided to try and find the secret route to Roon, the problem is what is causing all of the other ships to disappear? I have been searching old data files and have come across some information about three ships who were trying to find the route as well. It appears that two of the ships disappeared completely and the third, well at least one of its crew was found dead on Roon later. I decided to try and coordinate the paths each ship was taken, but unfortunately, I cant find any of the information. Plus, I think the others are not to appreciative of the things I have been trying to find out for them. They are a bit preoccupied with trying to teach our new crew member our language using a droid we just picked up. I guess I will go and try and help, no use sitting around moping all the time.



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